The Feels is online community of support for African Canadian youth facing mental health challenges.


“The Feels” is committed to creating a safe community for black youth to heal, process, share and discuss mental and emotional health. While we celebrate the strength and perseverance of black culture and its diversity of people, racial, economical and educational disparities that we often face have historically stigmatized mental health.

These issues exist in our community. Pain and suffering is not our birthright. Our self care is urgent, Our self love, a priority. Through the promotion of mental health we realize our own potential, we cope with the normal stresses of life and we contribute back into our communities.

The beauty and complexities of navigating the world as a person of color is unique to us. This is our experience, these are our stories. “The feels” Is an open forum for black youth to contribute to the never ending discussion of our mental health. This safe space acknowledges the importance of receiving support from organizations and professionals who are a reflection of us and can support us through our lens.

We advocate for the funding of mental health resources. We hope to serve as a springboard, opening up the conversation about intersectionality within mental health.
We believe that there is strength in vulnerability, we want to share freely and without caution so that others may do the same. Lets humanize the black emotive and validate that it is ok, to not be ok.

If you are interested in contributing to our community or have any questions regarding the artists featured, please contact us: