“He outside… How you afraid to…Hush, don’t say that You know they whipped us niggas, You aint’ earn your crazy”  

Be sick
Only for love though…in spite of it or because of it
Not the kind that smiles from within
The kind that smiles back
He gone mad…
And back home we don’t
We could never
There’s no time
Our drugs look different
Drink something, fuck something, self destruct
But by that 9 am bell you somebodies mama, big son, miss lady, daddies, and uncle lou
How it go’ look?
Your hue is the weight of the iron lock around your chest
….you better not
You lucky yes…
Have some tea.
“Exploring conversations about mental health within Caribbean Families”
(Nanyamka-Sisi, Mami Knows 2017)