Pocket Full


“I’ve heard a Pocket Full of stories about the experience of lost-ness and the
feeling out place. Many scarred by deep rooted traumas and the aftermath of those that were taken unwillingly and left to make way in an unfamiliar place.
Some willingly left their homes with nothing but a Pocket Full of seeds, in hopes
of finding a more fertile ground, only to find themselves in concrete, surrounded
by people who can not relate or speak their language, and the ones who look like
them, some have forgotten”

-Andrenne Akanke Finnikin

May this piece of art inspire a Pocket Full of change
and be reminder to my brothers and sisters who are being challenged with mental illness, that even in concrete, seeds do grow. This work was cultivated with the utmost love and consideration of all melanin dominant people of colours/colors/kullaz, challenged with mental illness and are still in search of refuge.